Big Big World

landscape-wallpaper-11aRecently, we went to witness my little sister get baptized and it was a priceless experience. I am so proud of her.  Her school is far so we had to pass through twists, turns, ups and downs to get there. What really struck me was the fact that every little village we passed through, there was a community of people. Even in places that I least expected and what ran through my mind the whole time was: ‘People live here too!’.It made me suddenly realize that the world is larger than what I think it to be and that it does not revolve around me at all. Sometimes we think we should be the center of gravity and everything else should simply comply to our selfish wishes. Talk about taking people around us for granted. But no, that is not how life is. Life is also about realizing that we are part of a bigger picture. A tiny spec in this magnificent universe.

This is pressing me to notice more what is and who are around me and stop focusing on myself only.

What have you discovered lately?



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5 thoughts on “Big Big World

  1. Wow!!! that’s an awesome discovery to make when we’re still young and more decisions to make, it will help us to consider that we are not the center of the universe… thanks a lot Sophie. miss u. Hugs


  2. Thanks Sophie for this awesome post, its so important to realize that we are not the center of the universe and consider the people around us when taking decision, things are not supposed to go our ways every day… I love it. miss u a lot. Hugs.


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