DIY Hair Clip


SO! I finally got myself to do the Big Chop. Yeah! The Big Chop. Sounds  funny but I did it. I had heard about it more than a half year ago and I was very much aware of  the fact that I needed to transition from chemical(ized) hair to natural but I couldn’t  put my finger around it quite yet. So time dragged on and I just kept my hair in yarn braids (more like twists) telling myself I’ll cut the hair when the natural has grown much longer. So last week I decided to get over myself and just cut it. It’s a huge thing for me because I have been growing this hair ever since I was in Grade 6…quite a long way huh! Guess we all I reach a stage in life when we just have to let go of the big hair. The next day after cutting my hair, my head felt really light and cold ha! It’s still hard to believe but I guess over time I’ll get used to having short hair. Speaking of short hair, I have a super easy hair clip tutorial that I want to share with you. Be warned that this hair pin is completely from scratch, which make it easier and fun(ner)!


·         2 or 3 different colored pieces of fabric

·         A button

·         Hair pin

·         Scissors

·         Needle

·         Thread

So here’s what you’ll do. Cut the fabric to your desired shape (I wanted to do perfect round circles but I don’t know what happened!) One color smaller than the other (in my case I used three colors. one is so faint it can’t be seen!).  Arrange them in your desired style (it’s all about being creative.). Using a needle and thread, fasten the fabric layers. Add the button on top and then add the hair pin at the back. Fasten the hair pin till its firm. Then you are ready to go.

PS: The person in the picture is my little sister.




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