LOL With Natasha Nishimwe


Ok its May and I am back! Thought it would take a month or so but I realized I can’t keep away from this place. Good news is that I am back with our very first LOL guest! It can’t get any better.  Natasha is an amazing person. See for yourselves.

Names: Natasha Nishimwe (which means ‘Thanks be to God’)

Occupation: Student

RB: Likes and dislikes.

NN: Mmmhhh, well, I  like reading, writing, taking pictures of nature, I like staring at the moon, sunset, stars, shooting stars, mountain climbing, camping, swimming, walking(with someoneJ), getting together with friends, painting(walls), traveling, community volunteering, wooohhh, the list is long… I hate SIN with all its fruits that make lives sad, lost  and miserable!

RB: What do you understand by Living Out Loud?

NN: Well, one time Albert Einstein said that if u can’t explain something SIMPLY then you don’t understand it well enough, so, LOL is simply living an inspired and inspiring life.

RB: Ever tried Living Out Loud?

NN: Yeeaah, even though I didn’t know that it’s a Living Out Loud action until you asked me this question! There’s a time I decided to spend my holiday volunteering in an orphanage in my country (Rwanda), and to my surprise I was told that since that orphanage had opened in 1979 it was the first time that a Rwandese did something like that, all other volunteers who had come there were  coming from Europe and America. That action inspired other young people from Rwanda to share their lives and love with these little angels through even greater ways.

RB: Any highs and lows during the process?

NN: Sure, it gives such a deep joy to see genuine smiles on teens who say that there’s nothing to live for in this life, that nobody loves them, but hear them telling you that you make them feel important and loved, and get a huge passionate hug… that is a high! Or feeling the ticklish touches of the little ones, their laughs… it’s like sowing a seed of hope and love into someone. Yes lows are there too, where you face criticism, and discouragement… you know some will ask you how u want to spend your holiday serving without being paid, if you are really normal… but there’s so much in life than being paid for everything we do.

RB: What/ who inspires you the most?

NN: Different people depending on which area in life they have been highly successful. My own mother has the ability to stand still and maintain the deep joy no matter hard  and harsh this life can be at some point and I’m weirdly and in a special way inspired by the sunrise, when I see its rays chasing away the darkness and cold clouds every morning (am glad am in Africa where we see the sun throughout the year) it brings this assurance that there’s a God busy making my life bright every day, it chases away fears of the future and regrets of the past.

RB: What advice do you have for fellow seekers of LOL out there?

NN: Well, actions speaks louder than words, let’s just live what we say and believe, and it doesn’t have to look like everyone wants it too, or to be accepted by everyone, LOL requires traveling the road less or never traveled.


Thank you Natasha for sharing a little bit of yourself. Find her here




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