I cannot believe September and October are over(where is time running?!). It has been a good time though; full of surprises here and there and I’m officially two months here.  It has not been easy keeping up with the schedule because of so many things tying me up but I thank God that we all have made it through. When I first started, I was a little bit–more than a little bit–overwhelmed with a lot of things  and it took a lot of energy for me to finally get up on my feet and start this blog. A lot of thoughts were running through my mind and I had to make choices and decisions which was not easy for me. I am grateful  to the Lord for helping me pass through these past two months blog wise.

One thing I really want to talk about, which is one of the foundations for this blog, is miracles. Miracles are everywhere, anywhere and all around us.  Some we are privileged to see, others pass us by as we are busy trying to live. It would be nice if we stopped at one time and observed everything around us because you’ll be surprised to see that there are thousands of things going on spontaneously that we would not have a chance to see with our busy lives. The blooming of the smallest rarest flower, an ant passing you by, the wind blowing in your hair, that beautiful glorious morning sun in your face(I am madly in love with), the raindrop on your forehead, that laugh from your loved one, the air you breathe, I could go on and on but you all know what I mean. All these are miracles we take for granted. The sad part is when we finally realize what is going on, it’s often times already too late. I hope that in these coming months of November and December , we will be able to focus on those little things that we think are insignificant and learn lessons from them because miracles are not just about people getting healed… they are in all the small things around us.



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