Life is way too precious


Hello there!  This photo definitely talks to me. I am a procrastinator by nature(and I don’t like it one bit). At the beginning of this week, I decided to challenge myself and go with the idea of To-do lists. I have never really been a fan of them by the way, but because of my past horrible experiences with time management, I decided to go for it. Today is the fourth day and I am finding things easier. I can now have more than free time to do all I wanna do. But as the saying goes it takes 21 days/times for something to become a habit. So I technically have 17 more days to go. I guess what is pushing me here is the fact that the tiny, messy To-do lists are really working wonders for me. Just as the quote says, I hope that you too make the most out of your life because it is too short to waste on unnecessary irrelevant things. Have a  nice day!



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