Food Dreams and Beyond


Remember how I said I wanted to be a chef and write a cookbook someday in my about page? Well, I still do. Very much. In fact it is my ultimate dream…among many others of course. Lately I have been having food dreams, like seriously and I just recovered my issuu password (LOL)  and let’s just say that indulging in food magazines is the safest way to put it. I have compiled a list of magazines I have been checking out and boy am I hooked!




Hello people, I stumbled upon this while wandering around the net and I though it would be cool if I answered these questions!

Been contemplating a lot these days! And it is exhausting my brain. Seriously! Point is I answered these and it was refreshing!

So here goes!

READING my research proposal and trying to edit it


LISTENING  to lindsey stirling’s crystalize

THINKING  about  a ton of things

SMELLING  morning fresh air…it rained in the night

WISHING I could take a walk in that forest once more!

HOPING  This project(I can’t disclose yet!) could work out.

WEARING a pink las vegas oversized shirt

LOVING cant answer this now!

WANTING a cup of tea…. its cold

NEEDING food…like right now ha!

FEELING emo (yes I just said wrote that!)

CLICKING  a ton of tabs….seriously!

How is your day so far?

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Doing What We Love(V-day Story)

snapshot-148I didn’t know what to name this post ha!

Lately I have been so stressed out…in a good kind of way. (I realize its time I talked about the valentines project I mentioned in the post before.

It all started last year. We came up with a crazy idea of hosting a dinner party for valentines because nothing fun really ever happens around here. So my lil sis was like “hey we could host a party!” and I was like “yeah. Where exactly?” and she was like “I dunno.” We realized it was way too huge a project to carry on with limited funds! And so we thought and thought and thought…and thought till a greater idea came up!

We would make valentine packages for clients and let them pre-order the packages so we can deliver them on the V-day. And so we started the journey with a lot of fear and ambitiousness we pressed on and on got multiple set backs, last-minute scares and heart attacks! But all in all it was a success, way beyond what we even imagined! We got supportive customers who urged us to “continue doing great things”.

This year, we did the same thing(again), but with a better, more well-researched, and professional approach. And the more challenges we got along the way  which were learning lessons for us. This time a lot of crafting was involved. We had to purchase craft paper,  and many other supplies to make paper bags, handmade cards and tags, hand painted and written business cards(the first batch ever!), wrapping the chocolate, the cupcakes and so much more. it was exhaustive but it was worth it in the end.

One thing we learnt through this all is that where your heart it, you will be willing to exert(physics anyone? ha!) energy no matter the strain! We realized we love crafting(duh!). It has been two months of crafting heaven for me because after the venture was over, we found ourselves restless!

There is truly joy in doing what you love  and an absolute bonus when you get paid for  the work done. Every piece of work will come out shining with that personal touch.With this discovery, we are determined to do more of what we love. 

What have you discovered about yourself lately?



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PSS: took pictures with my phone cam but it decided to chew them all so pardon my webcam business card image 🙂