Hello people, I stumbled upon this while wandering around the net and I though it would be cool if I answered these questions!

Been contemplating a lot these days! And it is exhausting my brain. Seriously! Point is I answered these and it was refreshing!

So here goes!

READING my research proposal and trying to edit it


LISTENING  to lindsey stirling’s crystalize

THINKING  about  a ton of things

SMELLING  morning fresh air…it rained in the night

WISHING I could take a walk in that forest once more!

HOPING  This project(I can’t disclose yet!) could work out.

WEARING a pink las vegas oversized shirt

LOVING cant answer this now!

WANTING a cup of tea…. its cold

NEEDING food…like right now ha!

FEELING emo (yes I just said wrote that!)

CLICKING  a ton of tabs….seriously!

How is your day so far?

Its less than 4days before Louise’s campaign ends. Please head over to Trevolta and support her’s campaign before it ends. Big thanks!!





2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Research proposal?! I just finished one too! What’s it about? And I am so curious as to what your project is! I love these “currently” posts; it lets me learn more about the person behind the blog, and inspires me. Need to do more “currently”s! -Jess L


    1. The proposal is about how organizational culture affects work performance…pretty complicated stuff ha! the project is still a secret but will definitely let you know one of these days!
      How is your weekend! 🙂


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