Caramelized Carrot Swirl Bread

November and December had me in a bread making frenzy mostly because I wanted to try out my new oven so that I can get used to having my bread baked instead of steamed. You can read more about my bread steaming adventures here here and here.  I tried almost every filling that I could get my hands on. Be prepared to see more posts like this in the coming weeks. I have been trying to dry carrots so that I can get a carrot version of coconut flakes. I am far from a real breakthrough but while at it I stumbled upon this accident of where caramelized grated carrots make a delicious filling for bread, sandwiches, cookies and even cake! And not to mention the vibrant color it gives off! This swirl bread will be a crowd pleaser! Trust me.

What you will need:

Bread Dough

3 C. Flour

4 Tbsp. Sugar

1/2 Tsp. Salt

2 Tbsp. Yeast

2 C. Milk, warm

1/4 C. Oil

A handful of raisins

Carrot Filling

3 C. Carrots, grated

2 C. Water

1 Lemon

1 C. Sugar

1 Tsp. Allspice

1 Tsp. Lemon zest

1 Tbsp. Margarine

1/2 Tsp Vanilla extract



  1. Because the margarine I used is salted, you do not need to add a pinch of salt to your carrot filling. If you are using unsalted margarine, add a pinch of salt to your carrot filling.
  2. Carrots when let out in the open tend to change color (oxidize). Cut the lemon in half and use one half to sprinkle them as you grate.
  3.  This recipe is vegan friendly since you can substitute dairy milk for either coconut milk or any plant-based milk.
  4. It is advisable to make the carrot filling the day before.
  5. Remember you will not need to use all the two cups of milk so pour it in the flour gradually to avoid the dough from becoming too soggy.


Bread dough

  1. Combine all the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, salt, yeast raisins) in a large bowl. In a separate small bowl, add the milk and oil and mix well.
  2. Slowly pour the milk oil mixture in the bowl of dry ingredients while mixing gradually.
  3. Mix till a dough is formed. Cover the dough with a damp towel and set aside to rise for 1 hour

Carrot Filling

  1. While the dough is rising, place a clean pan on high fire. Add the 2 cups of water and sugar into the pan. Stir well until all the sugar has dissolved.
  2. Add the grated carrot, juice of the other lemon half, lemon zest, allspice, vanilla and margarine and stir well
  3. Let the carrot mixture come to a boil. After it boils for about 5 minutes, reduce the fire to low. Cover the pan and let the carrot simmer over low heat until all the water has reduced.
  4. When the carrot is translucent and the water has reduced down to a syrup (this may take up to an hour), remove from fire and set aside to cool.

Swirl Bread

  1. When the dough has risen, punch it down and gently knead it till it is smooth and non sticky.
  2. Sprinkle enough flour on a flat surface and spread the dough out. Using a rolling pin, roll out the dough till it is about half an inch in thickness.
  3. Get the cooled caramelized carrot filling and add spread it on the dough evenly.
  4. Roll the dough into a large log making sure the filling does not spill out.
  5. Slightly flatten the log with your hands and then cut it in half lengthwise.
  6. Grease your baking sheet/paper. Gently roll one half of the dough into a swirl going outwards. Add the other half of the dough and continue rolling until you have a large swirl bread. Let the bread rise for another 15 minutes.
  7. While the bread is rising, preheat your oven to 350 degrees F
  8. Bake your bread (after 15 minutes of rising) for 45 minutes
  9. Remove the bread from the oven and serve hot with a cup of tea/ milk/ coffee

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How to Make Flavor-Packed Chips Mayai

Happy New Year Family!

Its been a minute. A long one at that! But I am Back! To think we are in 2020 is so unbelievable! Back in 2010, this year seamed so far away, so unattainable almost otherworldly but here we are and now I don’t know how to feel! How are you taking in the new year so far?

We are staring the year right with the most flavorful chips mayai. There is something about street food that despite the sanitary conditions feels like home. You are not afraid of people judgement as you bite into that rolex, as you slurp that cow leg soup, tag away at the juicy meat skewer. Because unlike high-end restaurants, street establishments are so forgiving.  Very forgiving that the person next to you doesn’t matter because you paid your money and should be allowed to experience the bliss and get value for it. Yes street food is so forgiving! Which is why it is so fitting that we start this new decade with something that is reminiscent of home: Chips Mayai. Whoever invented it thought chips (fries)  alone were not enough (even though chips alone have worn the world over) and decided to add almost everyone’s reason for not being completely vegan….the fried egg! Because you can never go wrong with a fried egg. And because I thought the combination of two of the worlds most delicious fried foods was not enough, yet, I decided to add mushrooms perfectly confited in sugar, salt and soy sauce because why not. This savory monstrosity is finished off with a touch of sour ketchup to balance out all that goodness. Just imagine all the right spots this chips mayai will hit! You are welcome!

What you will need:

  • 4 Large  Potatoes, washed and cut into chips
  • 3 large eggs, whisked
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 1 green onion, thinly sliced
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • 1 Tbsp. Sugar
  • 1/2 C. Mushrooms, sliced
  • 1 Tbsp. Soy Sauce
  • Oil for frying


  1. Place pan on medium heat. Add the frying oil and let it heat up.
  2. Fry the potato chips till slightly brown and cooked through.  Set the potato chips aside to cool down.
  3. Reduce the oil to about a tablespoon. Reduce the heat to low. Add the sliced mushrooms into the oil.
  4. Add salt, sugar and soy sauce and mix well. Let the mushrooms slowly fry in the oil till they reduce in size and turn a deep brown (they shouldn’t burn). It should take about 10 minutes. Remove mushrooms from the oil and set aside.
  5. Add two more tablespoons of oil into the pan and let it heat up. Add the diced onions, half of the chopped green onions and black pepper and salt in the oil. Let them fry till browned a little. Add the fried chips.  Stir well.
  6. Next pour in the whisked eggs. Cover the pan and let the eggs slowly cook for about 4-5 minutes. Remove the lid from the pan. Once the sides of the chips mayai has set, Use a spatula, forks/knife to carefully flip it. Let the other side cook for another 2 minutes. Flip the chips mayayi once again.
  7. Sprinkle the fried mushrooms on top, the remaining green onions and drizzle with ketchup.

Serve hot with a cup of tea, porridge or coffee. But if you are like me you can eat it all right of the pan and then later question your manners!

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Homemade Hibiscus Juice Video

Guys! Is anyone experiencing the heat wave? It’s sweltering that the thought on having hot lunches doesn’t sound appealing anymore! The showers are cold, blankets are packed (tossed to the side really!) and sandals and toes are out! This weekend I had to make a big bowl of fusili pasta, carrot and cucumber salad with a chilled jug of orange juice for lunch just to help us cool down. Any chance I get to pour cold water on my face I take it gleefully! One of the few ways I have been cooling down is by making large batches of this refreshing fragrant sorrel (hibiscus) juice. It is a life saver, a good base for cocktails and mocktails  and all the frozen treats you can think of.

 Isn’t it  amazing that the simple process of drying flowers can yield so much flavor and color?! I had so much fun experimenting with  and making this juice. The great part about this drink is that it is versatile. When cold,  you can freeze it up and have it as a sorbet, granita,  ice candy etc.  When hot it makes really great tea which is perfect for the rainy weather  when it comes!
Find the video for making this simple but very satisfying juice below.

Have you tried making your own hibiscus/ sorrel drink? How are you coping with the heat?