Farewell 2017

2017 has been wonderful, for a lack of a better world really. Every year since I started food blogging, I have challenged myself to know more about the food that makes up this great country. In my quest, I have discovered a myriad of information. Hands down Ugandan food is the definition of comfort food and we still have the greatest high quality local produce. Produce that retains flavor and does not need a whole range of seasoning to taste sublime. It is with this produce that I have based most, if not all,  of my creations and dishes on.  Because we need to know the treasure we have within before someone else gets to it, if they haven’t already. 
One day, I was shopping in Nakasero market and decided to buy some ginger. I was shocked a month later to realize that the ginger was still in good shape, not even withered at all.  It shocked and scared me and I  wonder how these imported goods that we have so much regard for are grown? 

I listen to the BBC food chain podcast and in one episode, they were talking about African cuisine and why it isn’t popular and in the mainstream food media, as compared to say Asian,  Latin American, and French  food etc.  And as I continued to listen, there are plenty of factors involved like, the power dynamics,  propaganda and the world’s perspective of Africa as a whole.  If you notice,  the more popular countries on the continent get to have their food popularized as a result. I could go on and on about this but what I know that we can do as a nation is to take matters into our own hands and rave about how great out food is. Because it is! Leverage social media and blogging to talk about the national treasure we have that is food.  That is the only way we can let everyone out there and within know and hopefully come see for themselves just like how we put the Rolex on the world food map. 

I feel like, with A Kitchen in Uganda, I have just scratched only the surface. There are so many more dishes that I have not gotten a chance to taste from the east, north and west of Uganda. It is my dream to fully explore this dynamic food culture and I hope you too make it a priority. I am grateful that you took your time to read the posts and look at the photographs that have graced this blog for over 4 years now. I can only hope for a grand 2018. 

 I am taking a 4-week break from the blog to unplug, evaluate 2017 and generate great ideas for the coming year.

Happy Holidays. 

PS: Tell me in the comments below how you plan on spending your holiday? 


7 thoughts on “Farewell 2017

  1. You have done a great job Sophie. Wishing you all the best from Australia this holiday season. Will be missing all the usual Ugandan delights over the period.


  2. Interesting read Sophie 🙂
    Like you said, Uganda has soooo many dishes. I will tell you short story. I come from the west, but ounce i was on a mission tour in the east and i got a chance to learn about a dish called Amukeke. Its off the menus wherever you head in any hotel or restaurant around and i don’t think it will ever be there. But i was pleased. It’s meant for eating during dry seasons anyway 🙂
    Please go get the rest and plan for our reading come 2018

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