Lunch at Paliv Spices 

Last week we had an incredible opportunity to visit Paliv Spices.  If you are on social media, you might have seen the the restaurants Grand Opening circulating in various food groups about two weeks ago .  Paliv Spices is a new restaurant on the Kampala food scene that is located in Bugolobi Luthuli Avenue next to Securex Security Company.

We had a sit down with one of the owners of the restaurant and it was great to talk about the restaurant, it’s conception,  it’s positioning in the Kampala food scene  and it’s offerings.  Reasons why you should visit  Paliv Spices. 

  1. Beautiful outdoor setting and atmosphere 
  2. A varied menu.  From jollof rice to beef straganoff, From chicken dishes to Burgers and pizzas.  
  3. Incredibly generous portions.  
  4. Friendly service!

    We had the house’s recommended chicken tikka masala with chips and chicken jollof rice with plantain which were washed down with refreshing mango smoothies. 

    The chicken tikka was great! Well spiced and tender. The jollof rice with plantain  was flavorfuly seasoned. You can never go wrong with chicken and plantain! 😉

    If you have a chance, stop by Paliv Spices and taste all the great food. 

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