Hope :When Everything Else Fails (Part 2)

This is an extension of this post but with a totally different approach(err maybe). I am glad and grateful that I have finally finished this semester and all the requirements which included having to defend a research proposal in my study area. This defense was a major heart attack. I had multiple panic attacks (literally) and so much more not worth mentioning! I was imagining the worst to happen because in a way it usually does ha. Ok, I am not here to rant on and on (err maybe…). The point is God never fails us. He did not fail me. I made a promise to Him(I tend to do this a lot) that if I pass through this defense successfully, without the horrifying statements like “you are disqualified” or “go and repeat everything”, I would do something back in return. And for the first time ever, I kept my end of the promise. It feels good to know that despite all the temptations, I did not fail Him on this one. But this does not cover up for the so many times I have failed Him Because I have and I feel bad. I am humbled by the way He takes everything in His hands. My prayer now is that God gives the power to trust in His timing and ways. Speaking of timing, today the Indiegogo photography campaign ends(I talked about it here and here). And in a way I feel calm about it. Maybe I didn’t work hard, maybe it wasn’t so clear…I don’t know but then again maybe it wasn’t meant to be and I am ok with it(Internship!!!!). I believe God has other plans for me and I am going to keep on trusting.
Have a great week y’all.


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