When I Smile


Here is the news(it’s not that big though ha). ever since I lost the camera, I have been losing enthusiasm for blogging. Now don’t get me wrong. I love blogging. It’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me! Having lost the camera, I find myself procrastinating a lot. Often times I will have a list of posts to publish but then I realize I have to hunt for pictures so I become discouraged and thus the lack of recipes and DIYs all the way from October. But hey, blogging isn’t about pretty pictures only, It’s about who you I am and so I will be sharing my thoughts with you. Speaking of thoughts, let’s talk about smiling.

All my life I have been smiling(at least I think so ha!) and have been dubbed the ‘smiling guru’ at one point! It’s ironic how people say  and assume I am probably the happiest person because of my constant smiling. But there is so much more behind that beautiful smile that if I start elaborating now, It would take edges.

This smile has been mistaken for so many things.

It has been mistaken for being ever happy

It has been mistaken for being childish-ish

It has been mistaken for having it all in life

It has been mistaken for liking certain guys

It has been mistaken for being all over the place…

and many more but one thing is for sure…

I am not always happy though I try to

I am not childish(at least I think so) because I have been through a lot of experiences

I do not have it all in life, seriously!

And sometimes I just want to be friendly but people will always have a problem with all the above.

They say a smile is the best curve a woman can have and I totally agree. This smile has come a long way. From childish years to awkward adolescence and insecure grins to win people’s affection. From teenage(still a teen ha!) drama(never had it but watched people with it) and smiling because it was the only thing I could do to who I am now. What  I am now I am still figuring out. But  this smile has grown with me through ups and downs, thick and thin and when I smile now, I smile confidently.

I am not always happy, I probably think a lot, I do not have it all in life and probably never will, I still believe the right Charming will come a long at the right time and I am a little too reserved(introverts hello!) but I will keep smiling because I know I am loved by my heavenly Father and because it is who I am.

(Took ages to hit that publish button phew!)

Have a great week




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