Giveaways| Lessons Learned


No, this is not a giveaway and yes I would like to do one someday but I am still working out the technicalities that come with hosting one. I like entering giveaways. The possibility that i could actually win the items is fun haha.I have never really thought I can win, I just enter for fun…with my fingers crossed. Anyways, I entered two giveaways a couple of months ago that had items I really(REALLY) wanted. I remember praying really hard and having sleepless nights (that bad!). So I waited and waited and waited with fingers still crossed. I made a promise to God that if he (at least) lets me get one item, I would do something in return. To make the long story short, I broke my promise. I felt bad. At that moment I had the slightest flicker of doubt. Maybe I wasn’t going to get any of these items…I mean really whom did I think I was. I went back to the sites and re-read about the giveaways and discovered I couldn’t get them after all reasons being: at the time of entrance, there were already 1000+ entries, the giveaways weren’t international and so I had no chance whatsoever. Although I never got anything, I did learn my lesson. I would like to  compare giveaways to prayers we pray.  We ask God to do the extraordinary but actually lack the faith to believe in our prayers to believe what we ask for will actually happen. We desperately ask God to answer our prayers but we still doubt his goodness. We stop and think ‘can God really do this for me?’ Maybe I have asked too much, maybe I have asked too little , maybe I don’t deserve it… The Bible says that… even faith as big a s a mustard seed (which by the way I got to see recently and its amazingly small) can move mountains(Matt 17:20) . We are told to ask and it shall be given to us but one thing we need to learn is to ask wholeheartedly without any doubts. I think what we lack most of the time is confidence. Confidence that God is in control and knows what is best for us. Having that confidence is a result of actually  taking the effort to know him better as a personal friend.  I can’t say I have confidence(because I don’t) but I am hoping and praying for that confidence to trust in his will, sincerely. 🙂 Sophie


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