The Would Have Been Post

lost cam

Yep, this post was supposed to be ‘Lugogo Trade Show’, but instead it’s not. I know you are confused so I will start from the beginning.

On Friday, our class (the one I talked about here) went for a field trip to gain insight, inspiration and experience. We had a chance to meet entrepreneurs from all over the country and it was a refreshing experience from the usual routine. But as they say, you can’t have it all. Apparently we were having so much fun that someone decided to pickpocket my one and only camera…and well that spoiled everything Cried my heart out, gathered what’s left and decided to let go. Letting go is way harder than i thought, but hey these things happen and it’s all part of life. I had taken more than a dozen pictures hoping to share them here but i can’t anymore! I just thought I would share with you my great readers now that I will have fewer images to share (T_T) Enough with the sad words! Happy New week guys  Sophie


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