The Happy List

the happy list

So i stumbled across this fun link-up  here and I decided to give it a try….

  1. The morning(6-7am-ish) sun
  2. People who are silly(in a positive way) and totally ok with it
  3. Laughing over the same stuff again and again with my sibs
  4. FB messages
  5. Email from blog friends
  6. Looking forward to something fun
  7. When I do and finish a craft
  8. Discovering kindred spirits blog wise
  9. Following a recipe and actually nailing it
  10. Playing my guitar
  11. When I indulge in a really good novel

Be sure  to check out the link-up and join too




2 thoughts on “The Happy List

  1. I love happy lists! I get to learn more about people I visit on a regular basis. It’s about time I made one of my own…Maybe soon. 1, 6, and 9 make me happy too! -Jessica L


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