The Creative Ones


This month of August has been a whirlwind. In the midst of having to say goodbye to summer, and having to prepare for the new semester and all, the month flew by( I realize I keep saying this…all the time. But seriously time flies nowadays and it is more than a-little-bit scary. It is SCARY!). Point is I have found some really amazing and inspirational blogs that I would like to share.

I am an avid reader of The Red Thread blog and have been inspired a lot.  The DIY projects and the inspirational people Lisa features are really way beyond great. It is refreshing and wonderful to get a peek into the lives of creatives all over the world and feel a wave of connectedness. There is so much inspiration in the world and the fact that the web has made things easier, we can get inspiration as much as we can anytime we want.

Just because there is inspiration at every corner does not mean we should take it for granted. Sites like Pinterest, Craftgawker, Instagram and many more are there to inspire us to let out our creative sides and make this world a better place to live, I believe.

So why not share the love and encourage each other in whatever we do because well time is flying and there is no room for regrets.

This semester, I am taking a course called Entrepreneurship Development and I have confidence that it will be a fun course. It is basically about motivating us students to go for our dreams, to be as creative as we can in the business world. And I think it’s what we need to really make a difference (think conquering the world. Ha!).

Have a great weekend and let out your creative self.




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