As I was roaming around the web(who doesn’t?), I came across Bloggers Anonymous. After reading their about Page, I was inspired. Really. I mean how many times do bloggers out there get the negative side of it…when it is not supposed to be that way?

The message that BA is implying is to show that there are still a few good people out there. People who care about others, people who are selfless, people who support each other, and wish the best for their fellow bloggers. So Kudos to BA because they have certainly won my heart over and I’m committed to sharing the message. To check out more of what they are about, click here.

This month(and the last one too), I have been working on the technicalities of the blog. If you have been reading for quite a while now you will notice the big(theme…) and small(shuffling widgets) changes here and there. It’s all for the greater good(greater good?!).

The good news is that I finally have a bloglovin account and that means you can add this blog to your reads. To follow, simply click on the bloglovin button in the side bar. I have also edited the about page a little. I am also thinking of free sponsorship really soon…just keep your eyes open. There are still going to be some more changes around here for quite some time since we are nearing the big 1 year blogiversary. Yey!

What have you been up to this week?



PS: The picture is totally unrelated. Just love the quality of it ha!


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