The Living Out Loud Challenge


When this year started, I had a 25+ long list of resolutions. I made them simple and easy to achieve so I can get committed to them. One significant resolution was  the living out loud challenge I set for myself after an inspiration on Pinterest. This challenge was supposed to be a-photo-a-day challenge but then I realized I do not have a camera to take daily pictures. I was determined to come up with something as creative and as fun as the photo-a-day challenge, after all I was still in the new year’s mood(feeling energetic, fresh and all). And so I decided to record extra ordinary moment in my life daily. Something that happened that put a smile to my face or that gave me a contented feeling. Daily. It made sense. I was to write them on small pieces of paper and then label them “Day 1, Day 2,…” Its seemed and sounded reasonable and ever since that day one(January 1 2013), I have been writing these notes. Of course I had to make sacrifices such as letting go of my personal journal but it was all worth it. There are times I read some old notes and I instantly remember what happened on those days. The challenge has  been an aid in inspiring me and has brightened my days. In fact it has been so great and amazing that I have decided to expand it here on Rare Beauty as a feature  by interviewing several different people. They will be able to share with us on how they strive to live an inspired life, a life full of meaning in this chaos that we all face daily. How  they  are able to overcome challenges and  live out loud. We have one life and instead of looking for dust in the diamonds, we should focus more on looking for the diamonds in the dust. I hope you will be inspired by these amazing people. Stay tuned.




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