Trip to Kampala

So yesterday I decided to tag along my mom to town and the experience was well… an experience!

I am going to try to write the events in sequence.

We got a taxi— the Ugandan version that is— and rode all the way from Bugema to Kampala. Reaching Kamplala we started checking out all florists in the areas and that meant walking back and forth and up and down. Once our flower tour was over, I was feeling incredible hunger. I couldn’t say though because the place wasn’t suitable for eating. And so we moved on to purchasing what my mom wanted until time reached 2:PM. Now this time I started whining like a little kid, totally expected since I was with my mom, giving excuses that I had not had breakfast which was true. We tried hard to find food keeping in mind that the Ebola disease is roaming around. Anyway, we finally got something which was of course chapatti and water… from the street vendors! I know it was risky but hey isn’t life about taking risks? Anyway this entry isn’t about my quest for food in Kampala. We— I saw the workers house and walked under it. We also passed by the government offices, and the Bank of Uganda and some other large building I don’t really know. The reason I’m stating all of this is because well I have never seen those things! So it was like a major tour for me… all on foot which makes it more amazing.  We met with my cousin and we continued walking back and forth purchasing and checking out stuff! We walked through busy streets, crossed super busy roads and bumped into people like nobody’s business. Well it’s my cousin who is the true expert. She actually had to hold my hand.  It made me realize one thing though. We women we waste time. That said, we stated on our journey back and by this time it was 7:30PM. While trying to crossing a super busy road, I almost got knocked over by a bodaboda! It was a bizarre moment and looking back now I realize it was the hand of God that touched me otherwise my days on this earth would have been over yesterday!  After recovering from that shock, we set out for home in another taxi and reached at around 9:45PM.

From travelling early in the morning, checking out amazing flowers and florists—I’m hoping to become one real soon—, to getting a gorgeous one-stemmed hot pink rose from one of the florists, to walking on empty stomachs, to walking back and forth the same streets, to making my mom wish had never come with me, to actually getting to see the government offices and buildings for the first time ever, to meeting my cousin and her holding my hand through all the road crossings, to meeting my mom’s amazing friends who knew me when I was little,  to nearly being knocked over by a bodaboda(motorcycle), to finally reaching home, it was all worth it. I learned lessons and it was an experience worth having for somebody like me! My mom keeps teasing me that I will never go to town all by myself and I think that fear was lessened yesterday. Hopefully I will be able to take myself there someday!



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