Is Being a Christian Boring

There are times that I befriend people and when they find out I am a Christian,  they completely end the friendship claiming ‘being a Christian is boring!’ I have faced this may times and the other day I was listening to the radio and I was tuned on to a Christian channel.  The presenter came up with a question “Is Christianity boring?  Is being a Christian a bore?” It made me think hard and I decided to post it as my facebook status and see what my friends think about it. I got some pretty reasonable answers and I would like to share them with you.

Seän: yes, all religions are boring. There’s no point in having one!!!

Maame: Girl NO its never boring unless u the human been are boring.

Maria :It is if you think it is.

Nomsa :My dear, it’s Not!

Barbz : depends, how you thnk sis…..well for me, never mind 😛

Kevin :it depends… if you want to be a Christian without God (and amazingly there’re lots of people to do it) of course it’s boring… but with God, being a christian is an incredible experience… there is only one thing better, and is to be a christian in heaven… but thats a matter of time 😉

Kimatu :Sophy!i dont think so?r u changing 2 islamic? Check wel…ok

Mose : Not now not ever.

Vivien :you are right Mose!

Some thought I was changing! Well to be honest, it will be boring if the person is boring too! I don’t think being a Christian is boring!  If ‘Christian’ means being like Christ, does that mean that your whole life will be boring? Me thinks not.  It’s like being a father and being able to jump off a cliff while  your son cannot and your greatest desire is to have your son join you in the fun. So you constantly teach him how to jump off a cliff and that teaching moment is never boring. Its an experience we have with the Lord as he is teaching us to be like him. In fact it will be the most exciting moment because we  will be learning to go beyond our limits and explore. It is an adventure to be with the Lord and I wouldn’t want it to be a burden. The only people who would be making it a burden will be us. We need to learn how to connect with our Savior in the most intimate and amazing way and when we do, we will realize that  Being a Christian  is more that doing good deeds, and going to church weekly. But then again it’s my view. What’s yours? I pray you get blessed!


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