Weekend In Jinja

Hey ya’ll! How was your weekend? Mine was fun and totally unexpected. The other week I was talking to a friend and she pointed out that I am from Uganda where the famed Nile is and then it hit me when I realized that I have never really visited the river. Shame! Anyways this weekend I got a chance to go and It was cool. I am so in love with the place… so many rustic places and the cool weather unlike Kampala. And the famed River Nile. I remember the last time I was there, I was a kid and didn’t really know how significant this river is to the world and now having to cross it back and forth for three days made me count my blessings. I mean seriously, this is the river we used to study¬† and read about in geography classes. The definition of Africa(I need to calm down. Ha!) I realize i am babbling now so I am gonna let the pictures speak for themselves.

100_2581 100_2583 100_2586 100_2588 100_2648 100_2698 100_2712 100_2714 100_2724 100_2725 100_2735

100_2582Hope you had a great weekend too!



On Being Sincere


Recently I have been contemplating on what to do for summer. After the first two weeks boredom can really start to grow on you and I don’t want that to happen because I believe in the saying ‘Time is gold’. So in my consistent search for what I am to do in this long holiday, I found this blog. Well actually I got the url from my friend and schoolmate and I thought I would¬† share it here. It’s like an online diary. Something I really love about her is the fact that she is a sincere person. Sincerity is something I have struggled with. Sometimes(most of the times) I am afraid that people will not be able to understand me and will simply just ignore what I have to say. In this fast paced blog world where every corner has a blog that is waiting to be read, one can be swept away by the multitude and forget the real meaning behind every written word. It is something ¬†that requires a lot of confidence and I am learning to do on a daily basis and I know it will take a long time to fully grasp the essence of being sincere. It is one thing I want to accomplish in the course of writing this blog. One thing I am grateful for is the fact that there are people like Diane to remind us what life is truly about. Being sincere because that is what really counts.

We were talking summer activities. I don’t know how I got carried away but yep I just had to let it out.

What activities do you suggest I can do(so blank here!)



Mum Moments


ImageSpent yesterday afternoon doing this! I know it sounds crazy, but being in the midst of exam, it was my gate-away and perfect time for  contemplating. I have always loved the natural beauty that flowers have and so having to grow flowers and watch them bloom every morning is a tremendous blessing!

The fragrance of these flowers is breath taking! Really. All in all,have a lovely week