Lace Scarf Restyle


So I happen to collect scrap fabric ( a lot) and I finally got to do something really fun with this piece. This by the way is a left over fabric from lace curtains and i kept on thinking, something great could come out of this….I happened to have brown yarn and a hook… and viola, a lace scarf. I am so happy with the way it turned out.

What have you been up to lately?

Have a great weekend.



scarf3 scarf2 scarf 4 scarf1 scarf6


Revamp Finally

It is exactly a year later that I finally talk about the room revamp. Shame! Long story short, I did revamp the room and was able to share tidbits of DIY here on this blog. So I wanted to show you what I made compared to the pictures I posted before.

images 313369_f520 clear_frame_polka_dots 5cf8e212d862302f19da92a412fc2d4d24fe3eb3_m

Here is what I came up with:


The wall


The Chandelier/Mobile


… and this Photo heart

What have you done lately?

Happy creative weekend



Crocheting So Far


I have known crocheting ever since I was a younger girl (does that make sense?!). My mom was is an expert…at least I think so. It was until I was over ten years that I became interested in crocheting myself. I learned from the great mom.

This past summer I talked about improving my crocheting skill and learning new patterns. And I actually did learn a lot. There is something about crocheting that is so therapeutic. I is a calming activity and gives a lot of time for  thinking(and daydreaming ha!). I have discovered that it is becoming a hobby. I think the ideal way to crochet is  with a cup of tea for the cold weather or lemonade for the summer and good music in the background.

What do you like doing lately?