Avocado Yoghurt Parfait

I cannot say that I’m that good at baking (but I believe I am trying…kind of…). And because of my shying away from baking elaborate desserts, I am always (kind of) looking for a way to make hustle free desserts. I made my first parfait months ago  and was really impressed by how easy it was to make and how really delicious it is not to mention money friendly. I can definitely say this dessert will be made often as long as there are biscuits and yoghurt or ice-cream. This avocado variation is phenomenal since it incorporates creamy avocado. The whole combination is amazing.

What you will need:

Two medium-sized avocadoes


½ C. Milk

½ Litre yoghurt

3 Tbsp. Sugar

1 Tsp. Lemon juice



Peel the avocadoes and cut them into cubes of about an inch. In a blender, combine avocadoes, milk, ½ cup of yoghurt, and sugar and blend till pureed. Add the lemon juice and continue blending for 20 more seconds. Using a glass bottle, crush biscuits till coarse.  Layer the biscuit, avocado puree, biscuit again and yoghurt till the glass is filled. Garnish with mint and serve


  1. I would recommend refrigerating the avocadoes for a day before blending them.
  2. Make sure the yoghurt stays chilled till it is time to layer the ingredients. I used strawberry flavored yoghurt.
  3. I did not put a specific measurement for biscuits because you will need a lot to finish up the avocado puree.







Humility + An Avocado Smoothie

What comes to your mind when you think of  humility. A wide array of scenarios come to my mind whenever I think of the word. Merriam Webster defines humility as the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people: the quality or state of being humble.  So far this year has been a roller coaster ride and among those ups and downs, I have met truly amazing people. People I am not worth talking to let alone shake hands with. One thing I noticed with them all is the fact that they are down-to-earth people. As much as I could not fathom the fact that I met these incredible  people, they were just being normal regular people. They would not throw the fact that they are famous, well learned, seasoned travelers, successful and talented in your face. I was incredibly humbled by their humility.

What is your definition of humility and what one person, event or thing has taught you to be humble? Leave your response in the comments section below.

I am sharing a quick and easy smoothie that I am sure you will like.  Don’t you love the texture and versatility of avocados? There are so many things to do with avocados.

What you will need:

1 Avocado(fully ripe)

1/2 C. Milk

2 C. Cold water

5 Tbsp. Sugar



Peel the avocado, remove the seed and thinly slice it . Put the sliced avocado in the blender. Add the milk water and sugar. Blend till pureed. Serve(especially with breakfast).


Have a great week.





PS: To add flavor to the smoothie, you can add half a teaspoon of either cinnamon or ginger spice while blending.