Lemon Iced Tea


I remember the first time I had iced tea, I was sold. I vowed to make it one day. That was way back in primary school. Somehow the taste of that lemon-mint flavored bottled iced tea stuck in my memory till this tea was made this last Sunday. Tasting it, I realized it was so close to that tea I had tasted over six years ago. Nothing can beat that feeling of recreating something. So I am here to share with you this relatively easy iced tea recipe.

What you’ll need:

3 Litres water

5 Teabags

2 ½ Lemons

Ice cubes/ crushed ice



In a large sauce pan, add the water and the teabags and bring to a boil. When the tea has boiled, remove from fire and let it cool completely. Squeeze the lemons and sieve the juice. Add the lemon juice and sugar in the cooled down tea and stir thoroughly till the sugar is fully dissolved. Chill for 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Serve with lots of ice cubes and a lemon slice or wedge.

I know you are wondering why all that much tea but it goes in an instant, trust me. Especially now that the weather is scorching hot. The secret to making great iced tea is having a lot (A LOT) of ice cubes!I did not put any measurement for sugar since we all have different preferences when it comes to sweetness. For the record, almost a kilo went down while making this.

How  did you celebrate the women in your life?

Have a great week





9 thoughts on “Lemon Iced Tea

    1. Actually these are lemons. Here in Uganda, our lemons don’t turn yellow haha! But We have limes too. Hope you are having a great summer.


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